Pot Noodle

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Pot Noodle

Golden Wonder launched the Pot Noodle in 1977 and was bought by Best Foods in 1995, which was purchased by Unilever in 2000. The Pot Noodle has always divided opinion when it comes to the favourite flavour and still does today. Over 175 million Pot Noodles with its plastic pot and sachet of sauce are produced every year at the factory in Croespenmaen, Wales (UK).

Lost the Pot Noodle

In 2020 Lost the Pot Noodle was launched in 3 flavours, Sweet Chilli, Roast Chicken and Curry flavours. Lost the Pot Noodles are the same great tasting noodles, but without the plastic pot, helping to reduce the amount of waste plastic produced by food manufacturers.

Are Pot Noodles healthy?

Following bad publicity around how healthy Pot Noodles actually where, the recipe was changed in 2000, focusing mainly on reducing the overall salt content.