Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Flavour 90g

Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Flavour 90g

Pot Noodle

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CHICKEN & MUSHROOM FLAVOUR Noodles in a Chicken & Mushroom flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of soy sauce.

HOW IS THIS POT NOODLE MADE? Although the cooking and eating is as easy as you want, the process of making our delicious Pot Noodles is complex and involves many different clever-expert-types doing lots of different things. But all of us have a shared goal – to deliver our tasty love buckets of joy every day so you can get a quick and easy snack when you want it. ’Cos we’re nice like that.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS No complication here… just do the following and you’ll be tucking into Pot Noodle tastiness in a matter of minutes: Rip off the lid and whip the sachet out (you’ll need that later) Add boiling water to the fill line. Leave it alone for 2 minutes. Entertain yourself. STIR. Leave it for another 2 minutes. STIR AGAIN. Remember that sachet? Add the contents now. Grab your fork and get eating. We recommend you eat it whilst it’s nice and hot – it’s better that way in our opinion. 
Don’t reheat or microwave.