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We always have the lowest prices on the biggest branded cereals. We get pallets of big brands like Kellogg’s, Dorset cereals, Nestle, Krave, Cornflakes and Shreddies delivered every week. Because we buy in bulk our cereal prices are always low and we pass these savings directly on to you. As well as traditional breakfast cereals like porridge, we get load of granola, including some of the latest flavours from Europe. These are bursting with flavour and often have chocolates and nuts.

What is a healthy breakfast cereal?

The healthiest breakfast cereals contain wholegrains and have low sugar, salt and fat. The best examples of these are wholewheat cereal biscuits like Weetabix, shredded wholegrain pillows like Shreddies and porridge oats from brands like Quaker. 

Wholegrains help keep your digestive system healthy and contain B Vitamins and fibre, among other nutrients. A healthy diet high in fibre can help reduce the risks of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

 Mueslis’ are often seen as a healthy option, but they can often contain large amounts of sugar and salt. It’s always best to check the labels.

Breakfast on the go

There are many breakfast bars and cereals bars now available in the UK. With some great low fat, high fibre and high protein versions available. There are even cereal drinks and porridge cups available. You can always grab a cereal bar in a morning and have your favourite cereal when you get home.