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Start saving now on branded products at only £1. Low Price Foods Pound Shop has our latest clearance bargains, top brand pound shop essentials, food & drink. Many brands less than half price in our UK Pound Shop.

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We are an online pound shop that delivers

Here at Low Price Foods we have a great range of products at £1, 99p and even cheaper. From famous branded food & drink to household essentials all at a fraction of the cost of the supermarkets. Our wholesale buying team find great bargains and clearance stock everyday, which we can deliver direct to your door, all across the UK.

The original pound shop idea comes from the American retail pioneer, Frank Winfield Woolworth, who later became know for the Woolworth stores. Today £1 shops are common on the high street, but less so online in the UK.

What is the pound shop?

The pound shop is a shop where everything costs a pound or less. In the US they are called a dollar store (for obvious reasons). Many UK Pound Shops are only on the high street, but our online pound shop, lets you browse and shop from the comfort of your home and have it delivered straight to your door.

Can you buy online from the pound shop?

We deliver our pound store essentials all across the UK, with no minimum order level. Orders are delivered within 5 working days, but normally much less. Because our pound shop is open all the time, you can fit in your shopping around your busy lifestyle.

Is Low Price Foods a 5 Pound Shop?

There’s lot of five pound shops opening on the high street, since most £1 Store owners have realised how restrictive selling at just One Pound is. We’ve got a £5 Shop and £1 Shop stuffed full of the biggest brands at less than half the price of the supermarkets.