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Procter & Gamble originally launched Pringles in Indiana (United States) in 1968 and didn’t start selling Pringles internationally until 1991. Nobody really knows where the Pringles name came from, but the most likely source was the marketing team who worked on the launch, picked it out of a hat. Originally the brand was known as “Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips”, but after a number of court cases cited that they were made from potato dough and NOT slices of potato, Pringles changed their name to potato chips. The Pringles brand was bought by the Kellogg company in 2012 and now makes it the 2nd largest snack manufacturer in the world.

Are Pringles Biscuits or Crisps?

The UK’s HMRC views Pringles as a crisp or snack, not a biscuit and therefore subject to UK VAT. Pringles have gone to court a number of times over the past 15 years trying to convince the UK’s HMRC that Pringles are biscuits or corn chips and not crisps, because they contain less than 50% potato. HMRC won the last case, so Pringles are deemed to be potato snacks and subject to VAT.

Are Pringles Vegan?

There are very few Pringles flavours that are Vegan friendly. The majority of Pringle flavours tend to contain one or more ingredient derived from a dairy product and it’s surprising to find that the majority of plain flavours contain milk derived lactose. There are a couple of flavours that you wouldn’t think were Vegan friendly too, including Smokey Bacon Flavour Pringles. We’ve not found any of the Pringles Xtra flavours are Vegan friendly, nor any of the Pringles Rice flavours. The list of Pringles flavours we’ve found to be Vegan friendly so far are:

  • Pringles Original
  • Pringles Smokey Bacon Flavour
  • Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce Flavour
  • Pringles Paprika Flavour
  • Pringles Sweet Chilli Flavour

It’s always best to take a quick glance of the new Pringles flavours that are released every so often.