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We love the taste of Milka chocolate at Low Price Foods, but the Milka Cakes and Milka Biscuits are amazing too. The Milka cakes are the perfect size lunch box size and go great with a coffee or treats for the kids. The Milka biscuits are one of the best tasting chocolate biscuits around. Crunchy with oodles of chocolate smothered on top.

Is Milka good chocolate?

YES, Milka chocolate is smooth and buttery, with a great tasting melt that coats your mouth. It’s not too sweet but sweet enough to make it taste perfect and leaves a moreish aftertaste. It’s made to a Swiss recipe, so it has a more luxurious feel, texture and taste when compared to UK chocolate.

Is Milka sold in the UK?

Yes, we sell tons on Milka chocolate, cake and biscuits every year online in the UK. The only problem is because of the taste and price, the chocolate deals don’t last long in stock! If you see something you fancy, don’t hang around and grab a bargain.

What country is Milka chocolate from?

Milka chocolate is a German brand of chocolate, which was created by Phillippe Suchard in Switzerland 1901. The distinctive name came from the combination of Milk and cacoa which was added to the chocolate in 1890. Milka derives from the German for MILch (milk) and KAkao (chocolate or cocoa). The company is now owned by Mondelēz International (formerly known as Kraft Foods), who purchased the Milka and Suchard brands in 1990.