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From cool original to bold BBQ: the top Doritos flavours you need to try now

Are you a fan of Doritos? Well, you're not alone. This iconic brand has been satisfying snack cravings for over 50 years with their deliciously crunchy and boldly flavoured tortilla chips. From the classic Cool Original to the fiery Tangy Cheese and the smoky BBQ, Doritos has a flavour for every taste bud. In this blog post, we'll be exploring some of the top Doritos flavours that you need to try now. Get ready to embark on a mouth-watering journey with the ultimate guide to the best Doritos flavours available.

The Iconic History of Doritos

Doritos, the much-loved tortilla chip brand, has a fascinating history that dates back over five decades. It all began in 1964 when a restaurant owner named Arch West noticed a gap in the market for a snack that would accompany Mexican-inspired dishes. With the rising popularity of Mexican cuisine, West saw an opportunity to create a crunchy and flavourful tortilla chip that would become a hit.
Inspired by a traditional Mexican snack called totopo, West partnered with the Frito-Lay company to develop the perfect tortilla chip. The result was Doritos, which means "little bits of gold" in Spanish. These triangle-shaped chips were seasoned with a unique blend of spices, including onion, garlic, and paprika, to create a truly distinctive flavour.
Upon their release in 1966, Doritos quickly gained popularity, becoming a favourite snack across America. The brand continued to innovate and expand its flavour offerings, introducing classics like Cool Original and Bold BBQ. These iconic flavours have stood the test of time and remain popular to this day.
As Doritos grew in popularity, the brand began experimenting with new and exciting flavours, offering snack enthusiasts a wide variety of options to choose from. From the tangy goodness of Tangy Cheese to the smoky allure of Smoky Bacon, Doritos continues to push the boundaries of taste.

Rating the Classics: Cool Original and Bold BBQ Flavours

No Doritos experience would be complete without indulging in the classics: Cool Original and Bold BBQ. These two flavours have stood the test of time and continue to be fan favourites for their incredible taste and versatility.
First up, we have Cool Original. This iconic flavour has been tantalising taste buds for decades with its irresistible blend of tangy cheese and cool creaminess. The crunch of the chip combined with the perfectly balanced seasoning creates a snacking experience like no other. Whether you're enjoying them on their own or dipping them into your favourite salsa or sour cream, Cool Original Doritos never disappoint.
Next on the list is Bold BBQ. Prepare to be taken on a flavour journey with these chips. The smoky, sweet, and tangy BBQ seasoning gives every bite a burst of deliciousness. The bold flavour profile pairs perfectly with any backyard barbecue or gathering, making them a go-to choice for parties and snacking occasions. Try them with a dollop of creamy coleslaw or a side of tangy barbecue sauce for an even more mouth-watering experience.

Expanding the Palette: Other Must-Try Doritos Flavours

When it comes to Doritos, there is so much more than just the classics. While Cool Original and Bold BBQ may steal the spotlight, there is a whole world of other must-try flavours waiting to be explored.
For those craving a spicy kick, you can't go wrong with Doritos Roulette. These crisps are a tantalising mix of spicy and mild, making every bite a thrilling surprise. With each handful, you never know if you'll get a fiery crisp or a milder one, adding an element of excitement to your snacking experience.
If you're a fan of tangy flavours, give Doritos Tangy Cheese a try. This bold and zesty option combines the perfect amount of cheese and tanginess, leaving your taste buds begging for more. It's the ultimate snack for cheese lovers who enjoy a little tangy twist.
For those who like to spice things up, Doritos Chili Heatwave is the answer. Packed with intense chilli flavour and a hint of heat, these crisps will leave you reaching for a cold drink. The bold combination of spices will satisfy any heat seeker looking for an explosion of flavour.
If you prefer a milder option, Doritos Lightly Salted is the way to go. These crisps offer the same great taste as the original but with less salt, making them a healthier alternative. They're perfect for those watching their sodium intake without compromising on flavour.
For those craving something a little different, why not try Doritos Stax Sour Cream and Onion? These stackable crisps are packed with a tangy sour cream and onion flavour that is sure to leave you wanting more. They're the perfect snack for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own.
With so many delicious and exciting flavours to choose from, it's hard to resist the temptation to try them all. From the bold and spicy to the tangy and mild, Doritos has something for everyone. So go ahead and expand your Doritos palette, because you never know when you'll discover your new favourite flavour.

Limited Editions: A Look at Unique Dorito Creations

Doritos is known for pushing the boundaries of flavour and innovation, and their limited edition releases are no exception. These unique creations offer a taste experience like no other, combining bold and unexpected flavours to delight snack enthusiasts.
One of the most memorable limited edition releases from Doritos was their Collisions line. This range introduced unexpected flavour combinations, such as Zesty Taco and Chipotle Ranch. The clash of two distinct flavours in one crisp created a snacking experience that was truly unforgettable. Other limited edition releases have included flavours like Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch, Fiery Habanero, and Late Night Cheeseburger.
In addition to their exciting flavour combinations, Doritos has also collaborated with popular brands to create limited-edition crisps. One notable collaboration was with Taco Bell, resulting in the release of the Doritos Locos Tacos flavoured crisp. This unique creation combined the bold flavour of Doritos with the iconic taste of Taco Bell's signature tacos, creating a snacking experience that brought the fast food experience right to your fingertips.
Limited edition releases from Doritos not only offer a chance to try something new and exciting but also create a sense of exclusivity and anticipation among snack enthusiasts. These unique creations are often only available for a limited time, making them highly sought after by Doritos fans.

Dipping into the Unknown: Pairing Suggestions for Your Doritos

Whether you're enjoying Doritos on their own or looking to elevate your snacking experience, there are endless pairing possibilities that can take your Doritos to the next level. Here are some exciting and unexpected flavour combinations to try with your favourite Doritos:
1. Salsa and Cool Original: Take your love for Cool Original Doritos to new heights by pairing them with a zesty salsa. The tanginess of the salsa perfectly complements the cool creaminess of the chips, creating a refreshing and addictive snack.
2. Guacamole and Bold BBQ: The smoky and bold flavour of Bold BBQ Doritos pairs beautifully with the creamy richness of guacamole. The combination of tangy BBQ and creamy avocado creates a delicious contrast that will keep you coming back for more.
3. Nacho Cheese Dip and Tangy Cheese: For a double dose of cheesy goodness, pair Tangy Cheese Doritos with a warm and gooey nacho cheese dip. The tangy and zesty flavour of the chips balances perfectly with the creamy and indulgent cheese, creating a match made in snacking heaven.
4. Sour Cream and Onion Dip and Smoky Bacon: Elevate the smoky flavour of Smoky Bacon Doritos by pairing them with a tangy and creamy sour cream and onion dip. The combination of the rich bacon taste and the tangy creaminess of the dip creates a unique and satisfying flavour experience.
5. Spicy Salsa and Chili Heatwave: If you're a heat seeker, pair the intense heat of Chili Heatwave Doritos with a spicy salsa for a fiery flavour explosion. The combination of the bold spices in the chips and the spicy salsa will satisfy even the most adventurous taste buds.
6. Hummus and Lightly Salted: For a healthier option, pair Lightly Salted Doritos with smooth and creamy hummus. The milder flavour of the chips allows the nuttiness and creaminess of the hummus to shine, creating a balanced and nutritious snack.
These are just a few of the many pairing suggestions for your Doritos. Don't be afraid to get creative and try new flavour combinations. The possibilities are endless, and you may just discover a new favourite snack. So grab your Doritos and get dipping into the unknown!

The Rise of New Dorito Flavours

As if the existing line-up of Doritos flavours wasn't enough to satisfy your snack cravings, the brand continues to innovate and release new and exciting flavours. Doritos knows how to keep things interesting, and their latest creations are no exception.
One of the newest additions to the Doritos family is Sweet Chilli Heat. This flavour offers a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, creating a tantalising taste experience. The sweet chilli seasoning is paired with the classic Doritos crunch, resulting in a crisp that is both addictive and satisfying.
Another recent addition is Flame Grilled Steak. If you're a fan of savoury and meaty flavours, then this one is for you. These crisps are seasoned with a smoky and rich flame-grilled steak flavour that will make your taste buds dance with joy.
But it doesn't stop there. Doritos has also released exciting limited-edition flavours like Jalapeno Fire and Flaming Hot Tangy Cheese. These bold and spicy options are not for the faint of heart, but they are guaranteed to satisfy those who love a fiery kick.

Top 10 Doritos Flavours

So, you've tried some of the classics and explored a few of the unique and limited edition Doritos flavours. But now it's time to dive into the ultimate list of the top 10 Doritos flavours that you absolutely need to try. Get ready for a mouth-watering journey through the best of the best.

  1. Cool Original: The one that started it all. Cool Original is a true classic with its tangy cheese and cool creaminess. It's a crowd-pleaser that never fails to satisfy.
  2. Tangy Cheese: For those who love a bit of zest, Tangy Cheese is the perfect choice. The bold and zesty combination of cheese and tanginess will have you reaching for more.
  3. Bold BBQ: Get ready to embark on a flavour journey with Bold BBQ. The smoky, sweet, and tangy BBQ seasoning adds a burst of deliciousness to every bite.
  4. Chilli Heatwave: If you're a heat seeker, Chilli Heatwave is the way to go. Packed with intense chilli flavour and a hint of heat, these crisps will satisfy any spice lover.
  5. Flame Grilled Steak: For the meat lovers out there, Flame Grilled Steak is a must-try. The smoky and rich steak flavour will make your taste buds dance with joy.
  6. Sweet Chilli Heat: Looking for a perfect balance of sweet and spicy? Look no further than Sweet Chilli Heat. The sweet chilli seasoning paired with the classic Doritos crunch is simply irresistible.
  7. Smoky Bacon: If you're a fan of bacon, you'll love the smoky goodness of Smoky Bacon Doritos. Each bite is filled with the rich and savoury flavour that bacon lovers crave.
  8. Stax Sour Cream and Onion: These stackable crisps are packed with a tangy sour cream and onion flavour that will leave you wanting more. They're perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own.
  9. Roulette: Looking for a thrill? Roulette Doritos are a mix of spicy and mild, making every bite a surprise. You never know if you'll get a fiery crisp or a milder one, adding an element of excitement to your snacking experience.