Enjoy Daringly Darkest 85% Chocolate Bar

2x Enjoy Daringly Darkest 85% Chocolate Bars (2x70g)


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  • Best Before : 10/12/2023

2x Enjoy Daringly Darkest 85% Chocolate Bars (2x70g) Elevate your chocolate experience with our Enjoy! Daringly Darkest raw dark chocolate bar. Crafted from just three quality ingredients and boasting an impressive 85% minimum cacao solids, this bar is vegan, organic, gluten, dairy, and soya free, and contains no refined sugars. We've struck the perfect balance between richness and creaminess by using a higher concentration of cacao butter to powder, resulting in a bar that snaps crisply and melts smoothly in your mouth. Savor every bite of this deliciously indulgent treat, and feel good knowing you're choosing a wholesome and ethical snack.

These are £2.99 a bar in the shops !!


Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao powder, coconut sugar. Dark chocolate contains: cocoa solids 85% minimum