Hula Hoops

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Hula Hoops Crisps

Hula Hoops crisps are one of the UK's favourite snacks, made from potatoes and corn into little cylinders, just big enough to fit on to your fingers. Give a bag of Hula Hoops to any child (or adult) and it isn't long before they are eating them off their fingers, like little rings of gorgeousness. They were first made by KP Snacks back in 1973 and as well as a range of favourite flavours, there's now Flavarings, Big Hoops and Big Hoops XL to choose from.

Hula Hoops Flavarings Crisps

Hula Hoops Flavarings crisps have a puffed texture, similar to maize snacks like monster munch and come in two great taste, Salt & Vinegar and Tangy Cheese flavour.

Hula Hoops Big Hoops

Hula Hoops Big Hoops have the same texture as normal size hoops, but because of their size, they taste enough more "Hula Hoopy". If you like BBQ Beef Hula Hoops, you'll love the taste of the Big Hoops BBQ Beef flavour.