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Haribo is a German sweet manufacturer founded in 1920 by Hans Riegel Senior and created its first “gummy” sweet in 1922 with the now famous gummy bears know as Gummibärchen. They now produce over 100 million gummy bears a day in their factories across the world. They also own the chewy sweet brand Maoam and also produce the liquorice Yorkshire favourite the Pontefract Cake.

Are Haribo Starmix vegetarian?

Most of the Haribo range use beef or pork gelatine in their production, there are a few of the sweets in the range that use vegetable starch. Favourites such as Cola Bottles, Tangfantastics and Star Mix all have gelatine as an ingredient.

The only Haribo sweets we’ve found to be vegetarian (to-date) are: the Giant Strawbs, jelly beans and the funny mix.

Unfortunately, none of the Haribo range are Vegan friendly because they contain Bees Wax, which is used as a glazing agent to give the sweets their glossy finish and stops them drying out.