MTV UP! Sugar Free Energy Drink 250ml
MTV UP! Sugar Free Energy Drink 250ml

MTV UP! Sugar Free Energy Drink 250ml


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MTV UP! Sugar Free Energy Drink Refreshing, SUGAR FREE energy drink with original rich taste.

Welcome dancers till dawn, instagrammers of repute, night shift shifties, uber drivers, unstoppable gamer lords, genius achievers – you know who you are, wanting more, doing more, being more. Raise the MTV UP! Energy Drink up. Enjoy it in a gulp. Whenever you need to be more, do more, experience more without sugar. Pick up an MTV UP! sugar free Energy Drink and up your game night or day. 


Gets you moving, gets you thinking, gets you up in the morning. Moves the cogs of cognitive functions into a higher gear. Concentrates concentration. Raises alertness naturally. MTV UP! Energy Drink serves 32 mg of caffeine in 100 ml to keep you dancing ’til dawn. 


An amino acid regulating levels of water and minerals in the blood. Taurine is an antioxidant beast that detoxes quick. You have some in your muscles, brain, heart and blood. Poultry, fish, scallops and other foods are where you get it from. MTV UP! Energy Drink has a gram per can, man to keep you feeling energised.


Everybody needs the B mentally and physically to feed the brain and nervous system with nutrient Bs that body can’t synthesise you get better looking skin, hair, nails and power to memorise the number of the cutie you just met MTV UP! Energy Drink has a bunch and serves vitamins B with a punch of self confidence.